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What can you do with my stuff?

Firstly, let's be clear - this page is not a legal contract, so I'm not going to write this in technical legal jargon that you'd need to pay an expensive interpreter to read for you.  This is just a little bit of information to give you an idea of how I think about my work in respect to other people using it - of course, if you do actually want to use it, you will need to read the more specific terms and conditions under the specific licenses applied to an image (not all are the same) - I've hinted at them below, so you'll get an idea quickly to see if you want to bother reading all that legal stuff.

Free to the world!

So, I want to create art and share it with the world.  Noble endeavour, huh? :-)  But to do that I want to encourage behaviours which I believe in, and discourage those that I don't.  Simply, I've decided to make all of my images available under a Creative Commons license ("Non-Commercial, Attribution, Share-Alike" variant "BY-NC-SA").  This means if it isn't for a commercial usage, you can use as you like, as long as you credit me with the image, and share your derivative work with the same (or compatible) license.  I think this is fair, and how art should be made available.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Commercial Usage 

If you want to use my images commercially, which often means you want to make money from my work, then I expect you to compensate me, in part to help cover the many costs I incur in making the image - which is only fair right?  I'm happy to discuss terms specific to your case, but for a normal commercial venture, I would expect some kind of compensation.  There is a Royalty Free license available for most of my work, which will let you use it for most commercial needs, either print, online or both.  If you want some kind of special terms, contact me and I'm sure we can work something out.

Special Cases

There are some special cases where I will provide something a little different to the above in regards to license types, and there are occasional situations where a commercial license will be offered at no or little cost (e.g. causes I am passionate about, where I think it will make a difference worth more than the compensation etc), so feel free to ask, but don't be offended if I say no :-)

Buying stuff from me

Most of my images are available to purchase as prints, canvases, etc directly from the site, which is fulfilled by print partners of Zenfolio.com (my site/hosting provider).  You can also buy a special hi-res download of the image so you can use a print provider of your own choice (you can use the lower resolution images available without paying me anything :-( but of course this won't always produce the best results on bigger prints).


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