Lost But Not Forgotten

A journal of journeys for the travels of a traveller.


She smiles from her eyes

A smile is the universal welcome

Wherever you are in the world, whatever the language, you can always make friends with a simple smile.

wisdom’s mystery

all smile, one tooth

all it takes is just one tooth

even the toothless smile is a joy


that incense smell

everywhere you will smell the sweet notes of incense

the priest

prayers for the priest

mixed religion ceremonies

And the market was alive with the sound of photographers

Fun with the locals: a crack team of photography ninjas, snapping candids until the smiles began to ache

beard pride

beard pride

wearing beards with pride, every day of his life

smoke me

smoke me

sometimes the simplest joys in life are rolling and smoking a cigarette

mekong boy

life in the mekong

the children of the river building Vietnam’s future

hazy days in the mekong delta

mekong delta floodplains

where the water flows, the boats float, and the people work

snap your hand off

snappy bedfellows

Crocodile farms are a thing. They’re less happy when they become handbags I would guess.

So go visit Vietnam

Slightly tired and still quite poor, but up and coming with history, culture and landscapes you’ll want to see.